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Contact Info and terms of Service

Most work is custom made to order but I do keep some of the more popular pieces in stock so shipping times may vary.   Ask and I will give you a firm time and price estimate.   

I can send you pictures of any commisioned items as they are being built at no charge.   Just ask.

Alas after building these water wheels for many years I feel the need to list some of my policies.    

All of my water wheels come with a 1 year parts warrenty, never had a claim yet that was my fault.       I have had a few customers who dropped their wheel while mounting them breaking paddles and I have sent replacement paddles at no charge.     If you break a part mounting the wheel I may replace it at my discression. 

Since it's really hard to reprosess a water wheel 1500 miles away I require that the final payment be made before the wheel will be shipped.      Generally this isn't a problem when a card is used but for customers paying by check I will inform you about a week before your wheel is due to be shipped so you have time to mail me your final payment.     While I have never needed to place a "mechanics lien" for non payment of the final payment I've had two customers over the years who have come darn close to loosing their wheels and deposits.      Yes, I prefer that you pay by check,it saves me the card fees but if you choose to pay by check for the final payment please make your final payments promptly after I request it.       You don't need to overnight mail it but if I'm sitting unpaid with your water wheel for 4 weeks waiting for final payment I will issue a mechanics lien and you will lose your deposit.

Spencer Boyd