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Wow that wheel really spins on barely any water.  I am not quiet done with it but figured I would send you a picture now cuz I am not sure when I will get back to it, the winter projects are piling up .  I have been thinking about using it to create a little electricity for some lights in the backyard or ??  I figured you may be able to point me in the right direction.  Thanks again we are really happy with how it turned out.... .
Nick ~~
Just wanted to let you know the wheel arrived just fine and
it is absolutely beautiful! We don't yet have it installed but its
inside our store and getting lots of attention.
We'll send you a picture when we get it all set up.
Again, thank you!

Hi Spencer,

Just a quick note to let you know everyone was blown away by the wheel in my pond.     Here are a couple of photos and I should be able to get a few really good wheel photos when I take the screens out of the porch for painting.