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Water Wheel Plans
build your own water wheel


You don't have to reinvent the wheel; I've already done it for you.   

Having built over 400 water wheels (see some here) because I love watching a waterwheel spin I've developed a set of water wheel plans so others can build their own water wheel.      Build your own water wheel without the expensive and frustrating trial and error method.   

Last month a guy bought my water wheel plans and a competor's plans.      After comparing the plans he sent me the complerter's plans as a joke because they were only 3 pages of rough sketches for a plywood wheel that would probably fall apart in a year, nothing like the water wheels he showed on his website.       I can say that my water wheel plans will build a much more durable wheel than the set of notes for a plywood cutout wheel that my completer calls plans.

Using proven construction methods with several options for spokes, siderails, and paddles my plans have over 30 color pictures showing each step and give you the knowlage, angles, and measurements to build a customized,  durable, and beautiful water wheel which can be used as the centerpiece of your water feature.    The plans come as an email attachment you can print if desired.   

While I've left my metal parts sales  page up for people to see I no longer offer steel hubs, bearings, or axles.        The plans tell you where you can get the axles and bearings.                          

Customer Quotes:  Thank you very much . I bought these plans for my husband as a gift...he is going to be surprised . With the way you write out the instructions I think that I would even be able to build one,,,,,the way you write out the instructions and the pictures that you attach is really awesome. Thanks again

WOW!  Awesome plans - great presentation, clear and precise!  And an awesome delivery system - I love it!  This is going to be fun!

  "I have several sets of water wheel plans.     Yours are the most beautiful and well thought out plans I've seen and I love the look of your water wheels."

Check out some of my custom water wheels here.         Please note these plans are copywrited and are for personal use only.     You may not use these plans to build a water wheel to sell. 

Please note, these plans are a emailed to you and may not read well if you use a phone to read them.     

4 foot water wheel plans $18


5' and 6' plans,        Written for making a 6' wheel but with notes on changes to make a 5' wheel      $21