Basic Water Wheels
2' basic water wheels

Sold out until June 2015.

These 2 foot tall basic water wheels with free shipping are great lower priced choice for smaller water gardens or indoor displays.        Made from birch wood with dadoed inset paddles and mortise joinery at the spokes these lower priced water wheels ride on bronze bearings and come with a 2 foot long axle for easy mounting.

These water wheels can be mounted using a single board driven in the ground beside your pond to hold the axle or get as fancy as you like with the stand. 

Available in bare wood (wheel on the ground), or watersealed in your choice of Carmel, Dark Brown or Aged.       The Aged color is in limited supply and has had Eco-Wood treatment applied; because the finish aging process takes 6 weeks the aged finish costs a few dollars more.      Look at the pictures below or click here for some mounting ideas.  

Spencer Boyd     706-207-1080

The water wheel on the ground is bare wood,     The waterwheels on the table from left to right are Carmel stain, Brown stain, and Aged finish.

Sold out untill June 2015.