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Water wheel pictures say it all.    Look at the pictures of my water wheels, get some ideas about what type of water wheel will work best for you.       Drop me a line when you are ready to discuss your water wheel project and what type of water wheel I can build for you.


Large and small water wheels built to match your location and needs.   Some of my water wheels are designed as moving works of art as they slowly rotate and some of my water wheels are designed to make power so take a look, get ideas, and then contact me so we can design the perfect water wheel for your location.      All of my water wheels can be shipped and most water wheels can mount on your stand in less than 15 minutes; or I can supply a stand for your water wheel, just let me know.

Check out my basic style waterwheels here , perfect for smaller locations at a budget minded price.

Water wheel plans are here.

To the left is a 7' Flared Spoke water wheel on a single side mount that the customer mounted beautifully.       All of my water wheels look great but like the correct frame for a painting how you mount your water wheel can really add impact to your water feature.

I build water wheels is 4 different styles but every waterwheel is a little different.      I don't use patterns but instead build each water wheel to match your site.     

The larger two water wheels to the right are Rustic style water wheels.       Built from rough cut naturally decay resistant cedar wood with adjustable steel hubs, two piece elbow buckets (historically accurate), and black bolt construction these water wheels have that massive heavy look of a true mill  water wheel used for grinding corn and are capable of making power or just for mounting on that old cabin.       Different finishes available.  

The larger water wheel shipped to California, the middle water wheel went to Montana.   

To the left are some of my Flared Spoke style water wheels.        Flared Spoke style waterwheels have a much more polished look with beautiful Red and Inland Cedar with flared spokes.       The flared spokes and paddles are routered like a fine table and the finish reflects the light.        These water wheels look great with some colored lighting in your water feature catching the moving wood and water drops in the evening as your water wheel spins.

The larger water wheel is 6 feet tall with 12 spokes per side for a fuller look and shipped to Nevada.        The smaller water wheel has all wood hubs and is only 30 inches tall,,, darn if I can remember where it shipped to.


This is an 8' Rustic style water wheel using a single side mount.        The customer is proudly feeding his water wheel in the North Georgia hills.       He later added a wood flume to feed his water wheel.        Notice how on larger water wheels I add more spokes to give the water wheel a fuller look.




 Spencer Bo 


and yes,      I can make your water wheel wider like this water wheel I shipped to Utah.       The customer covers it with lights every Christmas.         I don't guarantee that my water wheels remain watertight over the years but I put a lot of work (and some fancy wood joinery) to try to keep the outside wood dry so your wheel stays looking great for years.        

I've built over 400 water wheels so unlike the guys who build water wheels occasionally in their garage I know through experience what works and what doesn't.

The 8 foot Flared Spoke style water wheel to the left is being pushed by the water flowing under it in the stream.         It is a popular place for weddings and has been featured in many newspapers over the years.         The customer had orginally ordered a smaller water wheel but after seeing it decided he wanted a larger wheel to make a statement for this Georgia retreat.

Below is a 6 foot water wheel I built for the Franklin Institute of Technology in Philadelphia.      Next to it is a little 2 foot water wheel mounted in a water box with a curved stand.      Water flows both over the wheel and beneath the wheel making a little waterfall for more water splashing sound.     A video of one of these wheels running can be seen here.



Larger water wheels are not a problem.      Generally when building a wheel for a historic site like this one in Medfield Mass I recomend a hybrid style water wheel which became the water wheel type of choice in N. America around 1850 as steel became more available.      Unlike the older Compass style water wheels with their wood axles and small steel grunions the hybrid style water wheels require much less maintence and use a historically accurate paddle design.

Rustic style wheels with their black bolt construction are finished with a fish safe process that slowly gives the wheel an aged look; the same look as if the wheel had been outside for five years but the process only takes about six weeks to make the wood darken the same as if it had been out in the sun and rain for many years adding to the rustic appearence.

And yes,    all of the finishes I use on my water wheels are fish safe.     I get that question a lot.


 Larger water wheels can also be used for excercising your kids like a hampster.      

Spencer Boyd