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Adjustable Hubs and Stands

I don't sell anything on this page.      I just leave the page so people can get ideas from the pictures.

Wheel Brake       A water wheel under no load requires very little water to run.     This spring loaded brake uses a method simular to the way they tested engines for horsepower ratings 100 years ago except it is made from modern materials to add durability.       There is a nylex block inside the wood block which adds friction to the axle allowing you to use 3 to 6 times more water to turn the wheel giving you a lot more splash and noise.     The small size fits 1" diameter axles.      If you are running a wheel larger than 4 1/2' on a 1" diameter axle you may want to use 2 of these brakes.      

The large size is designed for axles 1 3/4" diameter.       On wheels over 7' diameter I recomend 2 brakes to increase the braking action.

Custom sizes available

Small Wheel Brake      $90

Large wheel brake      $110

Shipping is $20  

This beautiful stand comes complete and ready to go with minimal assembly (14 screws and 4 bolts) and is custom fitted to your water wheel if ordered at the same time as you order your wheel.   The stand includes a wood pipe to get the water up to your wheel and a trough to deliver the water to the wheel.   Sturdy and durable this stand ships broken down to save shipping cost and is easily assembled in about 30 minutes.   A 5/8"  water line comes out of the bottom of the water pipe for your pump.   I also include 2 pillow bearings, a 1"x 18" shaft, and 2 wheel locks for a full package.   Add a water wheel and your pump and it's ready to drop into your pond or stream.   Ships with 36" uprights to hold your 42" wheel about 3" above water 12" deep but uprights can be shipped with a different length.   Just send me a e-mail with your pond depth when you order your stand and we wll adjust the length of your uprights (sometimes with an additional charge).      $330


Two of the biggest problems with making your own water wheel are how to mount a metal axle into a wood hub and trying to get the axle exactly square to the wheel.   An axle 1/4" out of square can make a 6 foot wheel wobble 1 1/2" inches.   This adjustable metal hub plate allows you to adjust your axle so that you can minimize wheel wobble and it also allows you to balance your wheel when the balance changes due to waterlogging.   These sets includes 2 adjustable hub plates, 2 industrial grade bearings and a steel axle.   The axle ends are machined slightly undersized to slide easily into the bearings.      Shipping may seem expensive but these are heavy and ship in 2 boxes.      I don't make any money on the shipping.       Shipping prices good within the contintal US only.      Custom hub sizes, axles,  and machining is available. 

6 1/2" adjustable hub plate set with 28" long axle and bearings for smaller wheels     $240   shipping $40

7 1/2" adjustable hub plate set comes with a 1"x 28" axle and bearings and works well for most wheels up to 5 feet (up to 120 lbs dry weight)     $240     shipping $40

9" adjustable hub plate set with 1 3/4" x 34" solid steel axle and bearings      $310     shipping $85   (66 lbs of solid steel) 

10 1/4" adjustable hub plate set with a 1 3/4"x 34" axle and bearings and  will handle most wheels from 5 to 8 feet      $320     shipping $85     (68 pounds of solid steel) 

13" adjustable hub plate set (great size if you are using 8 roughcut 2x4 spokes) with 1 3/4" x 34" solid steel axle and pillowblock bearings     $340     shipping $100          

15"  adjustable hub plate set with a 1 3/4" x 34" axle and bearings and  will handle most wheels from 7 to 9 feet (up to 600 lbs dry weight) with 8 or 12 spokes.      $380     shipping $110 

note:     since different people use different numbers of spokes these hub plates don't have the bolt holes for the spoke bolts drilled in them.       You will need to drill them yourself or give me a call and my machinist can predrill the holes for you to match up with your spokes   (about $25 - $40)

If you plan to use your water wheel to make power you will need "power flats" milled into the axle and one end turned down to 1.5" with a keyway to connect to your pulley, sprocket. or coupling.     $ 60     

These prices are what my machinist charges me, I make no profit on these machining options.

 Axle and bearing sets for your waterwheel all wood hub water wheel.    Each set has a solid steel axle, 2 pillowblock bearings, and the 1" axle set also includes a hub lock to attach the axle to your wood hubs. 

Perfect for 4' and 6' wood hubed wheels made from my plans.       1" diameter solid steel axle (28" long) axle with bearings good for wheels weighing up to 150 lbs dry (3'-6' diameter) shipped to your home.          $125

Custom sets are available.