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Wheel Styles and Options
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This page is simply to help you decide what style of water wheel you want.

I make my water wheels in 3 distinct styles.      Each of these styles can be made heavier or lighter looking and most of these wheels can be built to maximize their power potential or to drop their water out front for a better display in your water feature.      Also most of these wheels can be mounted with a support on either side (traditional method) or using a single side mount.      I reserve the right to exercise a little artistic license when designing your water wheel, you will be pleased with the results.      While all of my water wheels come with an axle and bearings there are a few options listed below you may want including a generator setup for making electricity.      

First the 3 wheel styles...   To the right is a Rustic style water wheel.      Built from rough cut Cedar or Cypress with black or "rusting" bolt construction the Rustic wheels are designed to look like a hybrid water wheel generally used from 1850 up to about 1970 for grinding grain, powering factories, and making electricity.        Using modern materials to assure low maintence and a long running life these wheels are available in any size from 3 feet to 16 feet diamater. 

The wheel pictured is using a single side mount and can be built much wider.        It is also available using a new finishing method which gives the wood a much more aged look and encourages the wood to go to a silver color in a few months instead of a few years.        



These are Flare Spoke wheels.       By tapering the spokes, using smooth wood, and changing the fasteners the wheel now has a much more polished look perfect for garden ponds.       Flare spoke wheels less than 6 feet diamater use all wood hubs but you can have steel hubs added to smaller wheels.      Generally water wheels less than 7' have 8 spokes per side while the larger wheels have 12 or 16 spokes per side.          Available in any size from 2 feet to 10 feet and as wide as you want.                 

This`is an Inner-Spoke water wheel.       The spokes are split to give the wheel a lighter look and are inside the wheel's rims allowing the rims to appear much smoother when the wheel is running.         Inner-Spoke wheels have "square paddles" so the water pours out of the buckets higher for more show and splash.       These unique wheels with their simple design and flowing curves create an elegant look perfect for a Koi pond.      Add some multicolor LED lighting and these wheels add a strong accent to your watergarden @ night.

Available from 3-6 feet tall with adjustable steel hubs optional these inner spoke wheels are the most graceful looking wheels I make.


Some people want to build their own stand,   especially for the larger wheels,    If done right the water wheel looks like part of your landscapng; if done wrong the wheel looks like you just plopped a water wheel in your pond.     Use some imagination... a small mill house,  built close to a small rise or waterfall, part of a island or hill...    a support on both sides of the wheel or a single sided mount so that the wheel hangs over your pond (harder for the large wheels due to their weight).     No matter how you mount your wheel it will provide a slow constant motion and splash which is great but the right stand makes for a complete waterscape.     

So having said that you have 3 choices if buying a stand from me.      Most people get the Basic Stand; designed to sit directly on your pond bottom this stand will be built to hold your wheel roughly 3" over the water and includes a wood pipe to get the water up and over your wheel and an adjustable pump to supply the water.


Small single side mounting systems are also available.        

Or...   to make help make the wheel look more "built in" to your water feature get a Curved Stand.    The Curved stands are made from the same wood your water wheel is made from.     Curving over your wheel with inset wood strips gives the deluxe stand an elegent look which can be set in your pond or on the edge of your pond.    It is a piece of art in itself. 

Here is a wheel being mounted to it's curved stand.      This stand will include a small waterfall coming out from under the wheel to add splash. A video of this wheel running can be seen here.